Below are the benefits for 2012 for the Non Service Connected Improved Pension / Aid and Attendance.

  • Veteran only - up to $1,789/month.
  • Married Veteran who needs care - up to $2,120/month.
  • Married Veteran whose spouse needs care - up to $1,337/month.
  • Two veterans married to each other needing care - up to $2,762/month.
  • Surviving spouse who needs care - up tp $1,148/month.
These benefits are automatically deposited into the claimants bank account with a yearly increase and it is TAX FREE.

The Aid and Attendance benefit (improved pension) is one of the most misunderstood benefits being administered by the Veterans Administration (VA) today.

The VA uses terminology that is very confusing and the forms may be overwhelming. We know which forms to use for each situation and this alone will give you peace of mind knowing it is done right.

Required Forms and Information
  • Military separation papers form DD-214. If you don't have this form, we will provide an alternate form to send to the VA to receive the DD-214.
  • Spouses Birth Certificate
  • Married veterans will need to provide a copy of your marriage certificate.
  • Surviving spouses will need to provide a copy of the veteran's death certificate.
  • Form 2-1030 filled out from the assisted living facility or nursing home.
  • Form 21-2680 filled out by your physician.
  • Social Security number and amount received.
  • Bank Information

We will also need co-pays from doctors and the pharmacy, as well as some additional information.
Please note that if you are divorced from the veteran, you are not eligable for this pension unless you marry a different veteran.

Once we receive all of this information, we will be happy to fill out all the neccesary paperwork and mail in your application for you to receive your benefits.

Although you have the option of filling out the application yourself, we do not recommend this. Most times this leads to major delays or rejection due to mistakes such as checking the wrong box, leaving something out or including unecessary information. We have filled out hundreds of applications for Veterans and the only time there is a rejection or delay is if the Veteran has not given us the correct information. We will not send in an application until we know it is complete and will go through the VA without any problems.

After your forms and documents are submitted, the next step is to wait. You should receive a letter from the VA within 45 days acknowledging receipt of the application and providing the claimants VA file number. If you don't receive it, call us and we will make sure that they are working on your claim. It is not uncommon for claims to take up to 6 months before they are approved, but do not worry, the VA will pay you retro actively from the first day of the month following receipt of your application.

Yes, the Aid and Attendance Pension Benefit application process is extensive, but it is worth it. $1,094 - $2,631 per month will go a long way towards providing you, your loved one, or your friend, the necessary care they deserve.

There is no cost or obligation to speak with someone from VA Benefit Advisors. We help qualified Veterans and/or their Spouses or Widows, be in a position to qualify before applying for these VA benefits. We help our clients qualify as per the VA regulations for income and asset ownership.

Veterans who have too many assets can reposition assets to qualify for the Aid and Attendance benefit, but repositioning incorrectly can disqualify the claimant from receiving Medical Assistance/Medicaid benefits for Skilled Nursing Care in the future as Medicaid has a 5 year lookback period.

VA Benefit Advisors has helped many Veterans and/or their spouses or widows qualify for their VA Aid and Attendance benefit without disqualifying the Veteran from future Medicaid Benefits. We believe that any Veteran that qualifies for this benefit should receive this money and we will do everything in our power to ensure this happens.