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There is a little known benefit from the Veterans Administration called the non service connected improved pension benefit, also referred to as Aid and Attendance. Although these benefits are called pensions, you may still be able to qualify for them even if you are currently receiving a pension from the VA.

Many people have never heard about this benefit as the VA does not advertise it. Word of mouth is the main form of advertising in regards to this benefit .

We are trying to reach those in need to share the correct information that is required.

A qualified veteran, spouse or widow could be eligible to receive anywhere from $1,148 up to $2,762 per month, depending upon who needs care. This is not charity. You fought for our country and now it is your country's turn to help you.

VA Benefit Advisors will be happy to help any eligible veteran, spouse or widow to receive these benefits. We can also help those who are having a hard time qualifying for this pension because their assets are too high. Moving assets or creating income improperly to qualify for the VA benefit could disqualify the veteran from receiving Medicaid benefits for a period of time in the future.

Call 1-732-221-8137 or 1-732-690-9141 between the hours of 9am and 6pm Monday through Friday (Eastern Time) or contact us at smill1949@verizon.net

We will help any eligable veteran, spouse or widow with these benefits.


If you have ever been told that you do not qualify for this benefit, do not despair. Please contact us as we may be able to help you qualify.

We are not afilliated with the Department of Veterans Affairs or any other government entity. VA Benefit Advisors has aligned itself with VA accredited attorneys, CPA's, and other elder care professionals. They can offer advice, suggestions, and help in areas that the VA will not do; This can result in having applications delayed or denied.

The Veterans Improved Pension Benefit is substantial!
Up to $2,631.00 per month - TAX FREE